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Drive More Responses by Framing Your People’s Benefit and Healthcare Choices in the Language of Their Values

Benefit Personas™
Values-Based Communications™
Precision Engagement™
Neuro-Optimized™ Messaging

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Discover the Top 3 Ways

Benefit Personas and Values-Based Communications

Improve Your Engagement Results

1. It’s the fastest way to reduce your employees' fears, relax their resistance, open their receptivity, and align with what they really want

  1. Because it’s really about them

2. It’s the easiest way to reframe your offers in terms of your employees' values, world views, beliefs, priorities and preferences

  1. Because that’s what they care about

3. Your messages, and your guidance, and your offers not only make sense, they feel right

  1. Because they deserve to know

Precision Engagement™

is Powered by the Latest in

Behavioral NeuroScience

1. Our unique process reveals which of your employees falls into one of five distinct motivational and learning styles, using the only behavioral models in existence that were designed specifically for employee benefits and healthcare.

  1. Without your employees having to answer any surveys, questionnaires or assessments!

2. No more one-size-fits-all, fingers-crossed, hope as a strategy that more employees will respond to your outreach… this time.

  1. Without having to invest a fortune in new systems and tools!

3. When you see things across your employee population that you’ve never seen before, your messages get stronger, and more targeted. Employees feel more seen, more understood, and more supported in their work experience – so they want to put forth their best efforts.

  1. Without falling back again on the hope that higher pay will do what it hasn’t done before.

4. With Precision Engagement™:

  1. You cut through the noise – so your people actually hear your messages

  2. You transmit on the frequency they’re listening for – and your people actually feel heard, too

  3. You go deeper than education ever can – straight to your peoples’ values, world views and beliefs

  4. You reduce transactional friction, and when things are easier to do, more people will do them

  5. You free up valuable resources that can now be focused towards those who need the most attention

5. More benefit “throughput” means higher satisfaction

  1. Higher satisfaction is a key component of generating health improvement

  2. Health improvement is a key component of generating cost savings

  3. The information you provide is clearer

  4. The requests you make are clearer

  5. Your people more quickly grasp why they should take the next steps

  6. our people better understand “what’s in it for me?”

Done For You, Employer-Branded Email + Text Campaigns

  1. AdminiSave Services

  1. Eliminate the hassles of manual employee administrative support:

    1. New hire benefit enrollment

    2. Life Event processing

    3. Leave of Absence processes

    4. Termination processes

    5. Automated employee contact info update process

    - Bad email triggers text message requesting update

    - Bad cell # triggers email message requesting update

  1. Engagement Activation Services

  1. Target specific employees and employee groups more accurately and more persuasively

  2. Drive more enrollment and engagement in:

    1. Your most cost-efficient health plans, like HDHPs

    2. Wellness and health management programs

    3. Point solutions

    4. Voluntary benefits

  1. Consultant and Benefit Vendor Engagement Enhancement Services

    1. Our clients include a variety of benefit vendors who have embedded our Engagement Activation Services into their offerings

      1. We can work actively with your benefit consultant and broker to stimulate benefit vendors towards greater efficiency that drives more employee interest, uptake, and ongoing engagement




Mark Head


With 4 decades of combined experience in employee benefits consulting, wellness and health management, Head brings a unique combination of dynamic perspectives into a clear vision of where the future of health care is moving - and it's moving towards deeper human connection, awareness, and engagement...

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